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Men's Daily Face Care Bundles

What True Men Are Saying

What's So Special About Trumen?

We could write an essay about how great we are, but nobody has time for that. In a nutshell... we are just better... in every way

(the details are below if you don't believe us)

+ we donate 1% of all sales to men's mental health (not some fake % of profit)

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Made For All Men

Whether you are a male model or a garbage collector (or anything in between), we think your products should be made for you, not your significant other.

We included manly scent (no you won't smell like flowers) and used ingredients best-suited for men's unique skin (which is typically thicker and more oily)

Non-Toxic Ingredients... That Work

It's important to protect the boys... which means you can't be using products with toxic ingredients.

We only use the best and most widely researched ingredients that meet 'clean ingredient standards' in the most well known retailers like Sephora.

100% Natural 'True Men' Scent

Nobody wants to smell or feel like a chemical plant.

We only use 100% natural scents so you can still turn a few heads without the irritation of synthetic fragrances.

Simple and Quick

We get it. If it's not quick and easy, you won't do it.

That's why we designed our proprietary formulas to require as few steps as possible and take less than 2 minutes

Easygoing & Fun

Skincare shouldn't feel like a lecture from your parents.

We try our best to keep it light and fun while not taking ourselves too seriously.

What Does It Do?

Our Formulation Philosophy: Why be good at one thing, when you can be great at everything?

Our daily basics bundle does this with only two steps.

Cleans - decyl & coco-glucoside
Exfoliates - light bamboo grit + salicylic acid
Hydrates - hyaluronic acid + shea butter + jojoba oil
Brightens - two types of ultra stable & effective vitamin C
+ Protects + Soothes + More (while keeping you looking younger for longer)

  • 100% Natural Scents

    Smell like an irresistible 'true man' without the harshness of synthetic fragrances

  • None of the Bad Stuff

    Free from all the bad stuff (parabens, sulfates, phthalates, aluminum, and cyclic silicones)

  • Money Back Guarantee

    Don't like it? No problem. Send us an email within 30 days for a full refund

What Is Trumen All About?

We strive to help all modern day 'true men' improve their daily routines while feeling confident and healthy

+ make masculinity more like our ingredients; non-toxic.

PS did we mention 1% of your purchase is donated towards men's mental health?